About KnitsyKnits




When Los Angeles based shop owner, Krista Ann, was contemplating starting an online store, the name was the easiest decision. Krista Ann’s husband nicknamed her "Knitsy" when her knitting obsession began in 2003 and the name stuck.

What started as a leisure hobby soon turned into a full-blown passion and business. Krista Ann has been knitting almost non-stop since she first picked up her needles. Always needing to keep busy during college lectures, faculty meetings, or even movies…knitting was the perfect cure for idle hands.


Her love for music carries through every stitch – she can even be seen at live concerts clicking away and rocking out to her favorite bands. She has worked with many amazing designers to help make their knitwear sketches come to life and now she continues to expand her passion into creating her own knitwear line for people that appreciate high-quality materials and custom handmade pieces of wearable art.

Every piece is done by hand – one stitch at a time – and it’s probably done while listening to great music!