Why don’t you use acrylic?

The "A word" is a bad word in our house. All of our pieces are knit from natural fibers for many reasons. Some don’t know that acrylic is plastic – which comes from crude oil. It's NOT biodegradable and it melts! It’s just not pleasant to work with or wear. KnitsyKnits is dedicated to using the finest natural materials – because nature knows how to do it right!

What if I want a piece in a color you don’t offer?

There are always other color options available – we had a tough time narrowing it down to the ones we do offer! Send us an email with your color request and we can see what we can do to help you find that perfect color!

Do you make custom pieces?

Sure do – if you can describe it, draw it, or send a picture of it – I can create something just like you imagined. Need a special shawl for your daughter’s big day? Done. Need a unique and special baby gift for your best friend? We can do that. Just go to the KKustom tab and fill out the form and we will be in touch to start collaborating on your piece.

Why can it take up to 6 weeks for my piece to get to me?

Well, our busy fingers can only knit one stitch at a time and depending on how many open orders we have, will determine how quickly we can get your piece to you. If there is a time emergency and you need it yesterday, send us an email and we will do everything we can to get you what you need on your time schedule (* extra rush fee may be added).


My color isn’t what I expected – can I exchange for a different color?

Computer monitors are all different and colors show up differently depending on your settings, so we understand that sometimes the color you get isn’t the color you saw. Please know we do our best to keep our colors accurate, but can’t guarantee they will look as they do on your monitor. If you receive your piece and are unhappy with the color, send it back within 15 days along with a note stating the new color you want and we will get you the new piece just as soon as we can. Sometimes we can send a small yarn clipping to you before you make your color decision, but this isn’t guaranteed. Just send us an email with your request and we will see what we can do!

I want to give a loved one a handmade gift, but I don’t know what to get them!

Good news – you don’t have to make that decision! You can purchase a KnitsyKnits Gift KKard and let them be the ones to decide what they want!

My piece is too big/small – can I exchange for a different size?

Sure! Just send the piece back with a note about how big/small it was (ie: “super tight – didn’t fit at all” or “my hands were swimming in these gloves”) and we will make a new one and adjust the size. Or, if you know you have unusually small hands or a gigantic noggin, send us your measurements before placing your order and we can be sure to adjust as best as possible to your measurements. (disclaimer – some pieces require math that might not allow for certain size changes, so all size changes are discussed on a piece by piece basis).